From all-natural ingredients

All ingredients used in the making of our homemade hot chilli sauces are naturally grown, without any artificial additives, as we are fully committed to producing healthy and high-quality food. The main ingredients are grown on the Jarkovič Farm in a safe and sustainable way using food production practices friendly both to people and the environment.

Hot chilli sauce made exclusively all-natural ingredients Chillies and peppers are the main components of the sauce, and no artificial additives, preservatives or colouring are added. It's 100% natural, so make sure to shake the bottle well before use.

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Contact details and sales information

Robin Hot homemade hot sauces are currently available in all major Spar, Mercator, E.Leclerc, Panvita, Kea and Tuš stores across Slovenia, but we also ship worldwide. For international inquiries and orders, please contact us by email or phone.

Robin Hot chilli sauces in Spar stores Robin Hot chilli sauces in Mercator stores

Robin Hot chilli sauces in E.Leclerc stores Robin Hot chilli sauces in Panvita stores

Robin Hot chilli sauces in Kea stores Robin Hot chilli sauces in Tuš stores

Produced by: Information and orders: Wholesale:
Vina Jarkovič d.o.o.
Brod v Podbočju 15A
8312 Podbočje
Tel: +386 7 49 77 013
Tel: +386 51 466 992
Tel: +386 41 747 229

Homemade Hot Sauce with a Taste Supreme           Contact us: +386 7 49 77 013 | | Facebook
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